The Italian Riviera

Positano and The Amalfi Coast

NYC Urban Sketcher Event

Welcome to the Italian Riviera.

For today's sketching excursion, Jeanine and Cecilia will be taking you to the beautiful Positano and the other gorgeous villages and towns of  The Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi Coast is a Unesco World Heritage Site which has been featured in many movies (Under the Tuscan Sun, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Cleopatra, etc.) and is a well known travel destination for the rich and famous. Perhaps the appeal of the the Amalfi Coast lies in its Mediterranean climate, featuring warm summers and mild winters as well as its breathtaking shorelines and cliffside dwellings.
For the MORNING  SESSION we will visit the very picturesque town of  Positano with its fabulous coastal views and its  jaw dropping settlement suspended vertically on the face of a cliff. Positano is a dream site for artists, writers, and photographers. Jeanine will share with you some wonderful photos of locals she follows on Instagram.  The morning sketch focus will be on capturing the local lifestyle and in Positano.

Jeanine suggests you glance at the  photos and videos of locals she follows on Instagram. They post beautiful photos and stories of their everyday life and what is happening during all seasons. You can screen shoot scenes in their videos or photo gallery for our morning sketch.

nickipositano (a make-up artist for weddings in Positano. She does her own farming too.)
bluestarpositano (owner of Bluestar Private Boat Tours. Her videos have included her boat excursions to Capri, her morning walks through Positano and making pasta for lunch each day.)
ristorante_michelangelo  (restauranteer who live on Capri and own  a farm there. )
positanolife75  ( a local who will take you on walks down to the beach where she feeds all the cats in the area! )

For the AFTERNOON SESSION we will visit the other gorgeous villages, towns, and harbors of The Amalfi Coast including the magical island of Capri. You are free to select any town to sketch whether it be its dramatic and beautiful setting between the sea and the hills or lush cliffside or the ebullient energy that marks the colorful marketplace and town centers. The Amalfi Coast is also known for its beautiful harbors and the production of Limoncello as well as its many culinary delights.

Short Video Introduction to Positano and The Amalfi Coast

Positano Photography

Jeffrey Levine's Plein air site:

The Best Amalfi Coastal Towns  
(Names of each town and background info)
Gorgeous Amalfi Coast Tours

The Amalfi Coast Fine Arts Photography


Amalfi Coast Culinary Delights  I   Limoncello   I     Marketplaces

Fantastic Street Views-
Fiordo di Furore     Positano   Capri

  • Via Arienzo 16, 84017, Positano Italy